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Our Partners

Life wasn't meant to be lived alone. And any vision needs a network of people to make it happen. We are so proud to have partners that believe and support our vision in a variety of pivotal ways. 

Christian Kitchens Coffee

Whether your day starts with dedicated quiet time or pure chaos as you rush to get your people out the door, it helps to have great-tasting coffee on hand—especially one that reminds you to include Jesus in whatever your regular routine looks like.

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Exiting Egypt

by Julie West

Born out of obedience, the Exodus began the moment Moses slipped off his shoes in the wilderness. Freedom follows obedience. Exiting Egypt presents neglected truths in compelling ways. Being a story of transformation, the text highlights micro-adjustments made in submission to God, which remade a hesitant exile into the legendary law giver. As Moses allowed himself to be changed, a nation was freed. Moses was not called to work miracles. He was called to obey and watch what God would do. That promise stands. Freedom waits. Watch. Obey. See what God will do to transform lives and free captives desperate to exit their own Egypts.

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Become a Partner!

We are always looking to expand the family to include and lock arms with others that feel as we do about changin the world. Contact us for more information on how you can become a LYN partner.

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