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Founder of LYN Ministries, SheWill Conference and Girls Weekend God's Way, award-winning speaker, bible teacher, and radio co-host!


It is with such joy that I share the vision with you, but, before I can continue, please read Ezekiel 47:1-12. God brought these verses to my attention in July, 2017. I revisit these verses every year to remind myself what God was (and is) telling me, and every time He re-establishes the vision for the conference and reveals more depth of meaning. God is so gracious as He reveals truth to us. He allows us to live it, sit in it, grow in it, and transform to it.

I knew in 2017 the depth levels of the river in Ezek. 47 represented our personal relationships with Christ. Some are ankle deep: new believers and baby Christians. Others have measured out into the water. They have dug a bit deeper, lived through more experiences, sought the Lord, and are knee deep in their walk. Still others hunger and thirst for even more: they witness the goodness of God, and, when they seek the Lord, they find themselves waist deep. It is harder to walk in water that is waist deep than ankle deep. The Living Water weighs more; you begin to truly feel Him all around you. Every move reminds you of His presence. And, yet, you know there is abundantly more than you can ask or imagine.

Once you have tasted and seen that the Lord is good, you become brave and ask for what Moses asked for: “Let me see Your glory.” You measure further out once more into the deep water because nothing else can satisfy. When we desire only Christ-His ways, His glory, His presence-it is then that we are immersed in the river of living water. I have been crucified with Christ. The life I now live is in Him, no longer able to reach the bottom of the river, but swimming in Him! This river is the gospel of Jesus Christ powered by the Holy Spirit. When we are steeped in the river of life and our paths cross those who are in dead, salty water, we will be instruments of the healing gospel! The scriptures say that wherever this river flows, everything will flourish and bear fruit.


I strive to meet each woman right where she is. But we don't leave her there! We help her BECOME a Christ-follower, KNOW who she is in Christ, LIVE the way Christ wants her to live, and LOVE the way Christ loves her. These are the 4 pillars God established for us, representing the 4 levels of depth in the river Ezekiel describes.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to elevate and empower women through impactful faith events like the She Will Conference, Sisterhood Nights, and transformative retreats such as Girl's Weekend God's Way. We curate vetted resources, tools, and renowned speakers, fostering spiritual growth and advancing the Kingdom. Our commitment is to uplift the name of Jesus, providing women with the means to strengthen their faith, discover purpose, and create a community that champions their journey towards spiritual development and personal freedom.

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