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Conferences, Events, & Curriculum

Here are a few of the products and services we offer to help equip your church or ministry to thrive.

Enhance your faith journey with the inspiring logo of SheWill, a transformative Christian women's conference. Our logo symbolizes unity, strength, and the unwavering spirit of women coming together to embrace their faith. Join us for a profound experience that celebrates the remarkable potential within every woman.

The She Will Conference is a place for women to become and know who they are in Christ and to live and love in relationship with one another.

Vibrant and Inspiring Logo for Girls Weekend God's Way – Empowering Christian Young Girls through Faithful Learning and Growth. Join Us for Engaging Activities, Meaningful Discussions, and Spiritual Nurturing on a Transformative Journey

Our mission for Girl's Weekend, God's Way, is to create a joyful and transformative experience where women can gather together, support one another, and deepen their connection with God. 

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Host your own unforgettable one-night women's event that delves deep into biblical teachings, prayer, & worship, all while embracing humor & humility. 

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Our Speakers

Whether it's a conference, special service, or just a Tuesday - sometimes you need a different voice to say what needs to be said. Our lineup of speakers cover many different backgrounds, topics, and experiences and are equipped to communicate in your desired setting professionally and inspired by the Lord.

Let us help you pair the right speaker to your event

Meet Our Speakers

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We'd love to pair the right speaker with your next event.

Let's schedule time to talk and discuss the details!

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